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Chatham-Kent Family Physician Recruitment & Retention Task Force…

Our Goal

Chatham-Kent recognizes the importance, the need and the challenges faced in recruiting and retaining Family Physicians to provide care for its residents. The goal of the Task Force is to evaluate the need, develop and implement strategies to be able to sustain an integrated approach to recruitment and retention of Family Physicians to service needs of the community.

Our Role

Our goal is to review current family physician recruitment and retention initiatives; identify strengths, opportunities and barriers to successful recruitment. We will develop and approve action plans for recruitment, and review successful initiatives elsewhere in Ontario. We will educate the Task Force membership and their sponsoring organizations on the issues of family physician recruitment and retention in Ontario, as well as educate the community on the family physician resource shortage and the strategies of the Task Force. We will aim to identify sources and solicit resources to support the recruitment activities of the community and develop criteria for and monitor the use of these resources. Will monitor eligibility for Ministry of Health and Long Term Care programs, and monitor opportunities through Health Force Ontario. We will communicate with existing Family Physician workforce to evaluate job satisfaction, and challenges in order to retain Family Physicians in the community and develop partnerships for the community to provide unique recruitment and retention opportunities. As well as lobby for and provide input for appropriate funding sources dedicated for Family Physician recruitment and retention.

Our Task Force

The Task Force was created January 6, 2020 as an independent community committee. The Task Force is made up of the following partners (one to two members of each – any additional members from an organization would need approval of the committee). Additional partners may be added in the future:

Denise Waddick – Executive Director (Co-Chair)

Heather Brooks – Executive Director

Sherri Saunders – Executive Director

Sara Dalo – Executive Director

Fannie Vavoulis – Director Communications (Co-Chair)

Brian Vandooren – Director of Medical Affairs

Jane Tillmann – Regional Advisor


Audrey Ansell – Manager Community Attraction & Promotion Division


Marianne McFadden-Horvath – Care Connector – Health Care Connect, HCCSS Erie St Clair


Tiffany Gartner-Duff – Engagement & Partnerships Specialist


Kim Vujanovic – Family Physician Recruitment Coordinator