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Family Physicians:

It’s Your Medical Career – Live it 360° in Chatham-Kent

Medical Careers that make a full life

In Chatham-Kent, you’ll find a welcoming culture of teamwork amongst our medical professionals. Your peers are committed to patient and family-centred care in a community served by at 200-bed full-service community hospital serving the residents of Chatham and Rural Kent including Walpole Island and Delaware First Nations. Our community currently has three family health teams, one community health centre, an Ontario Health Team, a 10-bed hospice, a 10-bed addictions centre within the hospital, a children’s treatment centre and a wide range of specialists within our community.

Work-Life Balance

Chatham-Kent has what you are looking for in Work-Life balance:

  • Support for a challenging, rewarding and full-career

  • Work schedule flexibility for time to enjoy your family and friends
  • Wide range of cultural and recreational activities to enjoy

You can…

Be Part of a Team

Chatham-Kent’s Family Physicians can work with Family Health Teams and Community Health Centres that work together to ensure comprehensive patient care.

Make it Yours

Our family physicians enjoy tailoring their practice to meet their personal career goals and objectives.

Relax & Enjoy

Affordable living, short commutes, school diversity and an abundance of cultural and recreational activities are just a few of the benefits of living a full life in Chatham-Kent.